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CSC-456 Course Outline for Final Exams

Human Computer Interaction 

Important Topics for final exams preperation FALL-17
Quote:All courses have same paper pattern. Paper consists of both objective and subjective part. Paper is of 100 marks.30 marks of objective consist of 15 question 2 marks each. It will be filling the blanks from all course. 40 marks of short question answer. and 30 marks for long question. you should write 3- 4 line to the point answer for short question, no need to explain, just 4 line maximum. For long question write as much detail as need , try to cover all points in clouded in the topic for and than give some explanation for the main point do not go in extra detail.
For paper preparation consider all of you quizzes you have attempted. Consider all for material in the slides. For short question you need to consider last 20 lecture and and for long question consider last 10 lectures. while objective will cover all lectures. Nothing is out side your course contents.
If you will cover all course contents in the slides and detail need for that material you be attempt  your 100% paper.


good ok

Thank you 


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